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4 th of September


Abels Gate and surrounding area in Elgeseter gate

Project Manager:

Mahgol Afshari

Group members:

Mahgol Afshari, Kelly Riedesel, Ellen Loxley, Ming Yang and Mia Helene Engeskaug

Project main goals:

- Citizen Partnership for Transformation

- Involve residents of Elgeseter in the event to make Elgeseter and the surrounding area

more environmentally friendly, improve living environment, and create a more sustainable neighborhood.

Project sub goals:

- Creating networks and trust through co-creation

- The project will have a greater impact on the district's social sustainability if residents

and other stakeholders have the opportunity to get to know one another by designing

good meeting places, giving/receiving shared experiences, and co-creating them.

- Reinforce the district's identity and pride.

A brief description of the project:

Levende Abels Gate 2 is based on last years experiences and evaluations. Everyone who participated last year has requested a new neighborhood festival. The festival

will be held on Sunday 4 September with activities and measures from morning to evening both indoors and outdoors.

Half of the residents of Elgeseter district are students, while the other half are adults who live and work in the region. Thousands of people work in the neighborhood

during the day, but after hours, the streets are deserted and the ground-floor businesses are shuttered. Pådriv has mapped out the potential and problems that

Elgeseter faces, using a variety of methods including surveys and interviews with local inhabitants and actors. An evaluation of last year's Levende Abels Gate has also been carried out - which is the basis for this years festival.

Elgeseter is a district that is facing a major transformation when NTNU expands and the area is selected as an innovation district. The proportion of students and

employees at NTNU will increase by 10-15,000, and the interest from business actors to establish themselves in the area has increased enormously in the last two years.

KLP and Entra are starting major development stages in Teknobyen. Elgeseter gate will also be repaired. The major goal of Pådriv is to improve the pace and quality of sustainable urban development, and this initiative is part of that goal. It aims to boost social, environmental, and economic sustainability while also creating networks and trust among the districts actors.

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