Student Project Presentation: Students in Sluppen!


Students in Sluppen Project:

Last fall and this spring, Pådriv Trondheim and R. Kjeldsberg hosted Atena Asadi Lamouki, student in Urban Ecological Planning at NTNU. 

On March 6th 2024, Atena Asadi Lamouki presented her midway findings for the project Students in Sluppen at Bøker og Bylab in Elgeseter! 

R. Kjeldsberg and internist Atena are interested in learning more about how they can improve student engagement in the Sluppen area. Atena has held stands at NTNU Gløshaugen and has an ongoing survey study to further gain insights and community sentiments. If you are a cyclist and wish to participate in this survey study, please click here.

Atena will hold her final findings on May 31st at the next Pådrivlunsj at Lager11 in Sluppen! We invite all students, community members, partners, and others interested to attend! Be on the lookout for more information on the upcoming Pådrivlunsj.

Pådriv Trondheim’s role: 

Pådriv Trondheim hosts students and connects them with partners of Pådriv providing a platform for networking and a great opportunity to put research into practice! 

If you are an organization or partner interested in hosting students or a student interested in working with Pådriv Trondheim, please contact JaneCameron Williamson at 🙂

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