SoTalk: What can you gain with 17.17?

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The 17.17 model, on which Pådriv is based, has been tested in Oslo since 2015, and has now scaled to several cities in Norway to better collaborate on a more sustainable city transformation. 17.17 has also been used to establish Regeneration Mauritius, which aims to make Mauritius a hub for sustainable foodsystems. We have presented the model in previous SoTalks, and now we want to show you what the model has led to, and therefore the concrete examples.

In this digital SoTalk you will meet people behind concrete projects and arenas on everything from circular resource centers, youth programs in Oslo and food systems in Mauritius.

This will give you the insight to understand the value of the model, and of course, results vary from city to city, so the sky's the limit.

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